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TSS Youth Club Codes & Child Welfare

Here at TSS Youth, we take the welfare and happiness of all the children involved very seriously. To make the club a safe an enjoyable environment for our young players, and opposing clubs, we fully support the FA Codes of Conduct, Respect Campaign and Child Safeguarding initiative.

We expect everybody representing the club in any capacity to abide by the Codes as set out. We would ask everybody associated with the club to familiarise themselves with the FA Codes of Conduct linked below on this page and read through the Child Safeguarding page.

Young Players Code of Conduct

Young Players Code of Conduct

The F.A. Have also launched guidelines on dealing with concussion with their "If In Doubt, Sit Them Out" campaign. For full details, click here.

If you feel that any part of the codes or guidlines detailed on this page are not being adhered to, then we encourage you to contact our Child Welfare Officer, Sally Sayer by emailing her on 

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